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a contest sponsored Kobe Jogakuin University

     We applied to a contest sponsored Kobe Jogakuin University, and translated an English book into Japanese. We chose our words carefully to communicate our emotion to readers.  We had a great experience.  It taught us both the difficulty and the appeal of different languages.  We got more interested in translation, and we want to try various kinds of translation once we become university students.


 2nd year students Momoka Furiya, Minori Ide and Ko Tamura


Yamanashi Brand Forum


We held “the Yamanashi Brand Forum” in the audio visual room in our school on September 23rd, 2017 (Saturday).  We students, not our teachers, planed and managed this event.  This was the third annual event.  We discussed a variety of things actively to 4 speakers.


1-7 Hayato Kojima

Summer activity report ②

     I went to New York for three weeks, from 23, July to 13, August to learn about dancing.  Before joining this program, I thought that I could practice dancing in NY and learn English through living in New York.


  s-5.jpg  s-4.jpg.jpg


     However, studying abroad was neither easy nor simple.  For the first week in NY, it was very hard to comprehend English and I couldn’t say what I wanted to express.  But I communicated with many foreigners “through dancing”.  So, I found that dancing was one of the best means of communication.

Summer activity report ①



We participated in”Asahi Wakamusya Ikuseizyuku” from August 2nd to August 6th.  We lived with other 19 high school students gathered from Tochigi prefecture in the north and Kumamoto in the south.

In the first two days, we saw problems that Miyoshi city, Hiroshima Prefecture and Shobara city have their effort to solve them.  At Shobara city’s government office, we suggested some solutions to resolve the problems that Shobara city has from the viewpoint of high school students.  We are pleased that some of them were actually being executed.  After that, we saw measures against harmful birds and animals which are done by Chiikiokoshi-kyoryokutai.  The primary purpose of the electric fence is to make it impossible for animals to think that they can get food.  All of the farmers have rocket fireworks, and if they see wild birds they use them to drive them away.  We thought that this method could be used in Yamanashi, so after that I found some projects.  Ms. Sato who makes Shobara city filled with flowers in the business called Shobara Satoyama Open Garden said, "Because I like Shobara city, I can continue this project ".  Everyone whom I talked with in Shobara city loved their city.  Our feeling that we like Yamanashi will also activate Yamanashi. 
     In the last two days, I made a future action plan.  We will solve the problem of harmful deer by providing deer meat with school lunch and domestication of deer.  I do not know what the result will be at the moment, but I want to keep running in the spirit of "strangers, youth, and idiots will change the world".  I am determined to do so because of this program.



2-6 Natsumi Tokiwa

Glocal seminar ①


      Global seminar is held three times a year.  The first time, we welcomed Nakagomi Hirofumi.  He was a ranger force, a prefecture councilor and a mayor.  From these careers, he told us his interesting experiences.  He said “We must not make war.  So, I want you to study hard and make a peaceful world.”  We listened to him earnestly. 


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1-6 Rin Takamatsu




Visiting a high‐tech industry company

     We visited Eneco Holdings Company.  Many people think that we can’t mix water and oil.  But this company succeeded to do so.  This company taught us that it was important to try to see from a different view without prejudice.

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                                                17  Moe Haibara

Door meeting

July 14, 2017




We, the 1st-year and 2nd-year SGH students, held the Door Meeting with the 3rd-year students.  Each group of the 3rd-year students told us their criticism.  They advised us to investigate by ourselves, think thoroughly, and then make on- the-spot conclusions.  Moreover, they suggested that we should work out plans and start early.  We thought it was important to make good use of their advice in SGH activities during the summer vacation.

The 12th cram school held by Asahi group!

      It was decided that the second - year Deer Team of our school will join the cram school in Hiroshima.  The cram school is held by the Asahi group to foster young warriors.


2-6 Natsumi Tokiwa



I would like to make the training camp an opportunity to motivate our future activities.  In the training camp, we were given chance to get advice, to observe, and to announce from the university teachers, the company and the people who encourage regional development.

     We will restructure our plans and move on to action.  We have an presentation in Tokyo in December.  I will try to do my best for it!! 

Zenkoji Temple Global Summit in Nagano high school

We were invited to the Zennkoji Temple Global Summit by Nagano high school on July 6th and 7th.


The Nagano high school students showed us around the Zenkoji while talking in English.In an exchange meeting, we discussed problems in each group.In the evening, we introduced our exploration activities.We want to present our achievements next year.
We discussed “immigration or atsmariju” in each group.  We did not reach a conclusion.Through talking a lot, we became good friends.We took pictures at Nagano high school wearing Tobira T-shirts to appeal our school.

The two days passed very quickly.  We exchanged many opinions with other students and we learned many things.  We will draw on our experience for the future, and we will work hard to be able to present along with Nagano high school at the Yamanashi Brand Summit! 

1-6 Rin Takamatsu


The first students visited


     We visited Shunka-Ichiba.  The students of class 7 visited Grace Wine.  We listened to Tomonari Kobayasi who grows many kinds of vegetables and fruits and visited his farm.  We asked him many questions that we had had from SGH classes and we listened to his frank opinions about working on a farm.


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 1-6 Rin Takamatsu



     The first grade students at Kofu-First high school presented their wall papers.  The theme is “To make agriculture an attractive job”.  We wrote what we have learned at pre-study or some lectures on our wall papers.  Next week, the other 9 groups presented their wall papers as well. 



H29616(2).JPG  H29616(1).JPG

  1-6 Teppei Hattori




The lecture in Yamanashi-prefectual university

     We listened to a lecture by Mr. Kanekiyo of Yamanashi-prefectural University on June 10th.  The lecture was about data collection” and editing. After his lecture, we interviewed our friends.  We thought that interviewing could be original and funny.  2nd-year students were going somewhere to interview, to learn a lot of things.  We need to interview using appropriate questions.  We did our best. We took a lecture of Mr.Kanekiyo on June 10th.


 FILE007.jpg FILE020.jpgDSC02150.jpg 
 Interviewing friends To redact using tag Presentation with keywords


  2-7 Ami Kobayashi

Tobitate! Study Abroad Initiative Two second-year students become representatives of Japan.

     In Tobitate! Study Abroad Initiative of high school course, Kofu first high school students study abroad as tobitate students every year.  One of the students is studying in Australia for half of the year.  The other studied in NY for three weeks.  I hope that they will learn many things and mature.

2-7  Takashi Iwashita






May 19th, 2017

 H29-05-19SGH (13).jpg  H29-05-19SGH (3).jpg

We invited Ms. Kazue Sato, Mr. Akihiko Kita and Ms. Mikiko Ishikawa from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries as guest lectures for our seminar. The theme was “Agricultural Problems in Yamanashi or Japan-Causes and Solutions.”
 In the first period, we heard their lecture. In the second period, we thought about Japan’s agriculture through asking them a lot of questions. 1st year students had studied the agricultural problems in advance, so they asked questions and then expressed their ideas of solution. 2nd year students asked questions connected with their own research theme. Three lecturers answered all the questions kindly and thoroughly. We had such lively discussion that we felt the time had passed too quickly.
 It was a very beneficial time for us. Thank you very much.


 2-7 Natsuho Hamawa

Final Proposals by the 3rd-year Students Started


Final Proposals”, the final activity of SGH research, have begun. Today, two groups made suggestions. One group has done research on “bamboo”. In the past, bamboo was used in various ways in everyday life, but these days it has been rarely used. As a result, bamboo groves have not been managed properly , and it has caused some problems. Therefore, they are suggesting that we use bamboo and bamboo groves effectively.
 The other is explaining through Skype how to promote widely “Kai-salmon”, which has been cultivated in Yamanashi.   
  1-7 Hayato Kojima

Getting advice from 2nd Year Students


Today, in the SGH activity, the 2nd year students advised the 1st year students on how to write a report. One of the 2nd year students paired up with one of the 1st year students. Each group talked about how to search the Internet and to read the date. At first, they looked nervous, but as time went by, they relaxed and made good use of the chance.
  1-7 Hiroto Suzuki


Tankyuka Welcome Camp was held!


The Heisei 29th Welcom Camp was held from April 21st to 22nd. The 1st year students in Tankyuka did the research activities for the first time.
 On the first day, Mr. Ishida held a NIE workshop, using newspaper. Each group talked about many problems and the solutions for them and expressed their own opinions.
 On the second day, they had the Training Seminar for Global Leaders in the morning. They listened to lecture first, and then discussed many problems to express their own opinions with the help of the 2nd year students.
 In the afternoon, they had a workshop for improving English. They got some advice on how to get the ability to give a presentation in English in our daily lives.
     1-6 Kanon   Yamauchi

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