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May 19th, 2017

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We invited Ms. Kazue Sato, Mr. Akihiko Kita and Ms. Mikiko Ishikawa from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries as guest lectures for our seminar. The theme was “Agricultural Problems in Yamanashi or Japan-Causes and Solutions.”
 In the first period, we heard their lecture. In the second period, we thought about Japan’s agriculture through asking them a lot of questions. 1st year students had studied the agricultural problems in advance, so they asked questions and then expressed their ideas of solution. 2nd year students asked questions connected with their own research theme. Three lecturers answered all the questions kindly and thoroughly. We had such lively discussion that we felt the time had passed too quickly.
 It was a very beneficial time for us. Thank you very much.


 2-7 Natsuho Hamawa

Final Proposals by the 3rd-year Students Started


Final Proposals”, the final activity of SGH research, have begun. Today, two groups made suggestions. One group has done research on “bamboo”. In the past, bamboo was used in various ways in everyday life, but these days it has been rarely used. As a result, bamboo groves have not been managed properly , and it has caused some problems. Therefore, they are suggesting that we use bamboo and bamboo groves effectively.
 The other is explaining through Skype how to promote widely “Kai-salmon”, which has been cultivated in Yamanashi.   
  1-7 Hayato Kojima

Getting advice from 2nd Year Students


Today, in the SGH activity, the 2nd year students advised the 1st year students on how to write a report. One of the 2nd year students paired up with one of the 1st year students. Each group talked about how to search the Internet and to read the date. At first, they looked nervous, but as time went by, they relaxed and made good use of the chance.
  1-7 Hiroto Suzuki


Tankyuka Welcome Camp was held!


The Heisei 29th Welcom Camp was held from April 21st to 22nd. The 1st year students in Tankyuka did the research activities for the first time.
 On the first day, Mr. Ishida held a NIE workshop, using newspaper. Each group talked about many problems and the solutions for them and expressed their own opinions.
 On the second day, they had the Training Seminar for Global Leaders in the morning. They listened to lecture first, and then discussed many problems to express their own opinions with the help of the 2nd year students.
 In the afternoon, they had a workshop for improving English. They got some advice on how to get the ability to give a presentation in English in our daily lives.
     1-6 Kanon   Yamauchi

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